At the end of the 19th century, in the city of Colón, the Wong Chang family founded a company known as Almacen 99, a warehouse dedicated to the hardware and silk industry.

Successively, they progressively relocated these activities to Panama City, where they established their general management by gradually opening new buildings under the same name.

Years later, in the financial and banking relationship of Almacenes 99, they met Mr. Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal, who was the Accounts Executive of these warehouses at Citibank. In 1981, due to the excellent professional career of this executive, he was offered the position of administrator of Almacenes 99. From this date onwards, he started a period of changes in the commercial policy and in his own administration, becoming more efficient and introducing by the first time the concept of food sales.

It is at this moment when the SUPER 99 was born, a commercial concept introduced by Mr. Martinelli. By shifting the structure and service formerly provided for a service that offered the consumers a supermarket-type store with all its main features, the best products and the best prices.

However, the changes were not only on the superficial level and then B.A Martinelli leads another element of great importance, as it was a body of young executives who were increasingly generating positive changes in all scopes of action within the company. New departments were implemented; the information was updated through computers and software, the elements of logistics such as vehicles, machinery were increased and the most important improvement was the fact that they set new, real and clear goals from the beginning.

After years of great effort and dedication, and following up on all the projects traced by B.A Martinelli, results are evident as well as relevant. These effects are not only reflected in the internal framework of the company, but also have exceeded this area and have been able to contribute to the economic and social development of our country with the creation of other companies, charities, real estate investments and the conception of new and modern supermarkets, which has ensued the opening of hundreds of new JOB opportunities, offering the public the best quality of domestic and imported products at the lowest prices.


The citizens of our country are the best witnesses of the worries that have been experiencing, but at the same time they have been able to appreciate the great altruism, initiative and aptitude of WORK of the great Super 99 Family. We have come to occupy a preferential seat among the Panamanian people, in the business class and equally recognized both in our republic and abroad, as the number one Supermarkets Chain.

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