Ricardo Martinelli

First legal actions are ordered in the Ex-President Martinelli case

Within the Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida in the United States, Judge Maria G. Cooke, in charge of the case of the former president of Panama Ricardo Martinelli, ordered the first legal actions to be brought before the habeas corpus petition filed only a few days ago by the defense of the accused.

The judge briefly stated in a judicial document, referring to the appeal against the arrest of the former president and the decision of Judge Edwin Torres to endorse this extradition, that each of the parties must follow a series of steps that he explains, with the purpose of resolving this dispute.

The steps to resolving the dispute

Cooke indicates that Martinelli must send a copy of his amparo application along with the order issued by the judge to the people targeted: US Attorney Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson who serves as secretary of State and Robert Wilson who is the head of the Miami Detention Center.

From that Wednesday and on the 14 consecutive days, the defendant must send the copy of the received documents to the court for review.

In reference to the three officials who will receive the appeal, the judge ordered that they should send their response to the habeas corpus request with an explanation of the reasons why this request which should not be acceded within ten days of receiving the documents delivered by the defense.

On the other hand, Edwin Torres, judge of the case decided last August 31 that there was room for the extradition of Ricardo Martinelli, who is required in Panama under the charges of alleged commission of crimes of embezzlement and illegal eavesdropping . He also added that the extradition requested by the country “meets all requirements” and agreed with the United States Attorney’s Office that presented the case to the government of Panama.

The defense of ex-president Martinelli, who has been imprisoned since June 12, said that this appeal is based on a precedent that was created by the US Court of Appeals in ruling against the extradition of a requested Canadian based on contempt, and presented the habeas corpus before Cooke.



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